Cross Channel Attack - Playtest at Winterfest

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Cross Channel Attack - Playtest at Winterfest

Post by CurtisBaer » Tue Jan 18, 2022 9:24 pm

I'm looking for players interested Roland LeBlanc's OCS game - Cross Channel Attack covering the Allied landings and then the breakout and pursuit across northern France.

The scenario will be the breakout, starting with the July 26 game turn and running for 13 turns to the Sept 5 Beyond the Rhine start date.

Let me know (by direct email, preferred) if you're interested in playing a command:

U.S. First Army
U.S. 3rd Army
British 21st Army Corps (Brit 2nd and Canadian 1st.)
German East/South
German North/West

Please state your level of OCS experience.

Thanks, CHB