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A Time For Trumpets - Designer is Coming to the Fest!

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:16 pm
by DaveM1
So an update on A Time for Trumpets...

First. Bruno Sinigaglio, the game's designer, will be coming to Winterfest's first weekend to help get our playtest off on the right foot. His resume includes the classic Siege of Jerusalem (for which he won a Charles S. Roberts Award), Battle of the Bulge (AH, 1981), and work on The Bitter Woods (in its 7th printing). Bruno's an all around great guy, and I'm really looking forward to having him with us.

Secondly, this is going to be an actual PLAYTEST. When first proposed as a Winterfest game, I expected we'd just be playing the finished game before its actual release. As it's turned out, though, we're more a "late development playtest". During our prep for the fest the designer's implemented a suggestion we made about air combat, we've found several errata that were really big deals for game play, and we've seen lots of rules clarified with our input. So A) Bruno's a designer who listens, and B) we've had the chance to make the product better in meaningful ways.

Thirdly, as it's turned out we will have TWO playtests going simultaneously! (And, from what I understand there are a couple seats available if anyone's interested)

Looking forward to seeing everybody at Winterfest!