DWK Der Weltkrieg Monster Game

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Re: DWK Der Weltkrieg Monster Game

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Everything in the basic games is clipped except the Italians and they'll be done within a few days.

Given enough tables for a good arrangement, no place on a map will be more than 20" from a table edge, so elbows and backs should remain in good order for the week.

A "cheat sheet" that gives all the game play rules is almost ready for printing and a new player looking at that while watching the instructional video clips, hopefully on the big TV, should travel from completely ignorant to competent in an hour.

Special rules by country will be summarized on separate sheets so folks only need to look at what's applicable to them.

The first month of the war sees a variety of war plans and political mandates, together with rewards for carrying them out successfully. These will have a separate summary page.

Active hostilities begin two turns earlier in the West than in the East but by 10am Saturday everyone should be moving units because the first couple of turns on each front see only a few units mobilized.

We are currently in search of *at least* one player to start with us on Saturday morning. Several would be better than one. The remaining major roles a prospective player could choose from at the beginning are French (the vastly more powerful and skillful force) and Austrian-Hungarian (who I tentatively plan to play because they're depressingly hapless). We could profitably split the Serbs from the Brit-Belgian player, add a second A-H player, add a second German West player, and add a second French player.

DaveN will transition from Serb / Belgian / Briton to Ottoman when the game reaches November, whereupon we could use at least two more players. One of those is tentatively Thomas, who may pick up the Serbs, perhaps be a third Russian (the Russians get a new front in the Caucasus), perhaps be British in the three anti-Ottoman theaters, or perhaps be a second Ottoman.

If we have enough players and time, we will add the Italians and another A-H front in May 1915.

The game is preparing very nicely and a good time should be had by all.