WF '24 Big Game Planning Thread

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WF '24 Big Game Planning Thread

Post by Ardwulf » Tue Aug 29, 2023 1:37 pm

Winterfest 2024 will run from Feb 16-25.

So I figured I'd kick off the game-organizing thread, with the full caveat that there is, at this time, plenty of moths between now and then.

Tony B. and Crew are likely to show up with some big OCS thing or other.

Nobody's committed yet, but I would love to play World in Flames. We'd probably need 5 and have 3 interested at this time.

Other things I would personally be interested in, in no particular order:
La Bataille
Gary N. Mengle/Ardwulf

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Re: WF '24 Big Game Planning Thread

Post by CintiJeff » Mon Sep 11, 2023 3:37 pm

I've also started giving Winterfest some thought, but as you said there's a lot of time before then.

OCS is always of interest and would do any game, even Burma.
WiF is a possibility, but would need a refresher as would La Bat (especially the newer rule sets).
Would like to learn GTS.

I'll throw out War of the Suns - it can play with up to 4, with the Wallies coming in partway through. It's a little underdeveloped but I think I've solo'ed/studied it enough to have worked out the bugs.

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