GAMES for Sale at Winterfest

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GAMES for Sale at Winterfest

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I am looking to reduce my inventory of duplicate games I have. I will be bringing the following games to Winterfest 2023. If you need any more details before Winterfest, please let me know through the forum. If you are interested in any of these games, please let me know and if YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN OFFER. I may add a few more later.

Case Blue (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP. Does have slight box dent in upper left corner.

The Battle for Germany (GMT) w Expansion – in SHRINKWRAP

Aachen (Peoples War Games) – unpunched

Air Bridge to Victory (GMT) – unpunched

Highway to the Reich (DG) – in SHRINKWRAP 2008 Ed.

The Blitzkrieg Legend (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP

Objective Schmidt (The Gamers) – unpunched
Objective Schmidt (The Gamers) – partially punched

Bloody 110 (The Gamers) – partially punched

ASL Stuff – well used
Squad Leader – 1 purple box and 1 yellow box
Crescendo of Doom
ASL Boards 2,3,4
Wargamer Magazine – Issue 3 (Squad Leader Pacific Version game) and Issue #2
The Grenadier Magazine - issue 35

Breakout Magazine -

Russian Campaign (AH) – used 2nd ed.

Last Chance for Victory (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP

Thunder at the Crossroads ( The Gamers) – 1st edition

This Terrible Sound (MMP)– in SHRINKWRAP

South Mountain (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP

Heights of Courage (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP

A Victory Lost (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP

A Victory Denied (MMP) – in SHRINKWRAP

The Battle for North Africa (GMT) - punched

Hitler’s Last Gamble (3W) – punched

Typhoon (GMT) – unpunched

Duel for Kharkov (COSI/3W) – in SHRINKWRAP
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