Winterfest 2017, Early Thoughts

Winterfest #19
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Winterfest 2017, Early Thoughts

Post by TEJ » Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:40 am


At 2015, Roger brought some samples of Der Weltkrieg and there was some very light puttering with it.

I both previously and much more substantially subsequently communed with the designer on the topic, when we spent some days working together in Utah. I collected a couple of the games and some favorable but tentative opinions.

Since then I've been doing some more reading and looking and I'm tending toward offering this as a monster in 2017.

The basics are: 1 turn = 4 days; a basic move-fight, I-Go U-Go turn sequence; 20km hexes; divisional units; I expect that most player-turns would take about 1 hour after the opening few turns wherein people learn the rules (with a 4-day turn, redeploying units between sectors is a multiple-turn event, so play would proceed with little fear of some huge surprise offensive and thus with less need to optimize every little thing).

My first thought was to do the opening of WW1, the autumn 1914 scenario, which would put the Serbian, Russian, and French fronts into play.

My second thought was a 1915 or 1916 scenario, to add the fronts in Iraq, Palestine, Italy, the Caucasus, and Salonika or Gallipoli.

Potentially, a player could play opposite sides of the war in widely separate sectors, e.g. Ottomans in Iraq and Russians in Poland.

There is the obvious potential for strategic decision making and force allocation, for those of us interested in that aspect.

One huge plus of this game is that one has no need to factor count. There is no odds-column to achieve: every single factor that you can add to your attack helps you. The Way of the Accountant is dead, at least in DWK.


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Re: Winterfest 2017, Early Thoughts

Post by kqrgcw » Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:12 pm

YESSS at last. Folks, when you get into this game you will really enjoy it. Its focus on logistics is excellent without getting too complicated and it sets the tone for the game. It even makes for you panzer pushers the west front trenches interesting as you must plan well to launch an attack.

Naturally I vote 120% for this game. (As the first to bring it up years ago I am using my preferred voting option) :D :D :D :D


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